Triggerpoint Massage Ball MB1

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TriggerPoint Massagebal MB1

To relief aches and muscle fatigue, the TriggerPoint Massage Ball MB1 works deep into the tissue. When putting pressure on the ball while rolling the ball from one side to the other side of the area that you are massaging, the flow of blood and oxygen through the muscles is stimulated and the aches will be relieved.

The MB1 is designed to replicate the feeling of the therapist’s hands. It gives the same amount of pressure and can be used in specific areas. The use of the Triggerpoint MB1 makes massaging the muscles easier to do.

The outside of the TriggerPoint Massage Ball MB1 is made of material that changes its form under high pressure. Under this outer layer of EVA foam, it has a solid core that makes it possible to put enough of pressure on the muscles. This massage ball is 6,6 cm high.

Specifications TriggerPoint Massage Ball MB1:

  • Goes deep into the tissue
  • Reliefs muscle aches and fatigue
  • Solid core
  • Order per piece
  • Size: 6,6 cm
  • Easy to clean
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